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Wall Street Journal Legal Reporter

These days, Solomon is also associated with a DC think tank and isn`t trying to come back in favor of journalism. Instead, he calls the case a cautionary tale — not only for journalists who blur the lines with sources, but also for people who think working in Washington`s institutions means everything is on the rise. Collaborate with colleagues in the newsroom, including journalists covering industry, finance, technology, and politics, as well as regional correspondents across the United States. Unfortunately, if the idea of law firms hiring hackers sounds like total madness, it may not. The frightening tendency of powerful units to procure the services of “cyber mercenaries” to target journalists, political activists and other targets has been widely reported in recent years. Laura Kusisto is the Wall Street Journal`s national legal reporter. To apply, please submit a resume, a cover letter outlining how you would approach the position, and some examples of your best journalism, with a focus on clips in the legal field. But the idea that the essence of his emails would end up in the media with a source was far away when Solomon first wrote about Iran`s efforts to circumvent sanctions, and the possibility that those efforts were backed by the leader of one of the seven United Arab Emirates. At that time, the journalist`s star was very popular. A report on the Obama administration, which organized a shipment of silver pallets to Iran as part of the nuclear deal, has attracted a lot of attention.

“In fact, Mr. Azima was a source for Mr. Solomon, who, with the help of Mr. Azima, had also uncovered some of the extortion company`s illegal transactions,” the complaint reads. Regardless, Solomon`s correspondence with Azima eventually reached his Wall Street Journal editors. He kept his job at the time, but when The Associated Press reported the correspondence six months later, he was given the focus. It`s easy to see why: Looking through tens of thousands of pages over eight years, reporters surfaced emails that appeared to show the two men talking about business ideas, with Solomon saying things like, “Our business opportunities are so promising,” and Azima wished him well in his “first defense sale” when he submitted a $725 million proposal to the UAE government. To have to. Solomon denied anything other than mishandling a source relationship, but it didn`t look good.

In recent months, the journal`s legal team has pushed much of the newspaper`s coverage of abortion, producing a steady stream of articles on topics such as guns, Covid-19 legal issues, and white-collar crime. The team has covered criminal cases against legislators, executives, and artists, as well as civil cases in cases such as Sarah Palin`s defamation lawsuit against the New York Times. In his lawsuit, Solomon claims that what Dechert did was patently illegal and led to the destruction of his career: A former Wall Street Journal reporter claims that a law firm hired cyber mercenaries to hack his emails and spread embarrassing documents that ultimately led to his dismissal from the paper. He covers the legal industry and litigation affecting businesses and the economy across the country. She writes about high-profile prosecutions, prosecutions that explore new issues, and cases that expose legal tensions for businesses, including mass crime, technology, labor, and antitrust. “This case shows how powerful individuals and organizations can deploy enormous resources and spend huge sums of money to silence a journalist,” Solomon said in a statement from his attorney, Noel J. Nudelman. “And it`s a trend that is becoming a bigger threat to journalism and media as digital surveillance and hacking technologies evolve and become more powerful and ubiquitous. This is a major threat to press freedom. And measures must be taken to protect journalists and their ability to do their important work.

Mr. Solomon`s employment with the Wall Street Journal was noted in response to the publication. confidential communications between Mr. Solomon and his source Farhad Azima (“Mr. Azima”) illegally obtained by hacking Mr. Azima. Azima`s email account – as instructed and orchestrated by the accused and/or their associates – was suggestive language that gave the false appearance of allegedly inappropriate, unethical and/or fraudulent transactions. Jay Solomon, the paper`s former chief foreign affairs correspondent, was summarily fired from the paper in 2017 after a series of emails leaked on the internet purportedly showing a mismatch between him and one of his sources.

The source – a wealthy defense contractor and alleged CIA employee named Farhad Azima – had offered the journalist a minority stake in one of his companies. Solomon did not refuse it, as the emails showed, and even expressed interest in the deal. After his publishers confronted him with the discussions, Solomon was released from the box. This position offers endless storytelling opportunities for a versatile journalist who is passionate about the law and masters a broad pace. The successful candidate will be part of a small, agile team covering legal developments in the United States. As Solomon`s lawyers pointed out, the conspiracy to destroy Solomon took shape after the Wall Street Journal reporter began reporting on various plans to help Iran circumvent economic sanctions in the early 2010s. One of these projects involved the acquisition of real estate in Georgia, including a hotel owned by Sheikh Saud. Some of the sales were negotiated by Azima, which also managed to be the source of Salomon. As its story unfolded, Georgia cracked down and everyone involved risked being sanctioned by the U.S. for aiding Iran. Shortly after, according to the lawsuit, Dechert was called in to investigate fraud at RAKIA, the emirate`s investment authority.

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