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A graduate of Vermont Law School in 1980, Joe served for more than 29 years as an administrative judge and commissioner in NYS`s Tax Appeals Division, adjudicating tax matters for all taxes administered by New York State. After retiring in 2016, he began volunteering with the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York`s low-income tax clinic, accepting assignments from clients with federal and state tax issues. As this representation progressed, he began supporting LASNNY`s undisputed divorce clinics as well as the Attorney for the Day program, and negotiating and acting with clients on landlord/tenant issues in local municipal courts. To inform potential clients, the clinic`s teaching assistants posted an offer of free legal services on social media, including Twitter and Facebook, which received hundreds of responses from people needing help with unemployment benefit hearings. The Empire State Counsel® program recognizes NYSBA members who have provided 50 hours or more of pro bono legal services in the past year, either through direct legal representation from a low-income/vulnerable person or by donating free legal services to an organization whose services are primarily designed to meet the legal and other basic needs of individuals with limited financial resources. or providing free legal services to an organization dedicated to improving the availability of legal services for vulnerable and/or low-income populations. The Pace Women`s Justice Center (PWJC) is a civil law service center within the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University. Established in 1991, we were the first academic law center in the country dedicated to training lawyers and others on domestic violence (DV) issues, and we have since become the largest civil law service provider dedicated to the care of victims and survivors of DV, sexual assault and elder abuse in the Westchester and Putnam districts. Through the wisdom and passion of its community, Pivot has had a positive impact on systems, powers and policies, demonstrating how the success of marginalized people benefits everyone. As Katrina says, “All these principles that people want our society to uphold are enshrined in law. We can use the law to remember who we want to be. Today, Pivot leads Canada`s political agenda to protect the rights of marginalized people. PWJC has a long history of innovation in the provision of legal services to victims.

Here are some of our key milestones: Since his retirement, Tony has become a certified volunteer with the NYS Long Term Care Ombudsman Program, which focuses on systems advocacy for residents of nursing homes and adult care facilities. Tony was awarded the 2019 Howard Hinds Memorial Award by the National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care (Recognizing Local Long-Term Care Consumer Advocacy). Through these contributions, Pivot staff and volunteers have developed some of the most innovative approaches to community activism. “Renewal is confident that we are doing the right thing with our support. It`s a responsibility we take seriously,” says Katrina. Cindy Kanusher, Executive Director of the Pace Women`s Justice Center (PWJC), has focused her career on domestic violence and legal services for the underrepresented. Twenty-three years ago, she joined PWJC, a provider of legal services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse, serving Westchester and Putnam counties. Albany Law School has been very kind to work with USCRI to support legal services as they work to select each person for permanent residency. This is only the first step, but it is of utmost importance that we offer this service as soon as possible. The hope is that when people are tested, we have a much better idea of how many cases there are and who needs to be represented.

Immigrant-ARC supports volunteer recruitment and planning. Kelly volunteers at the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York in Albany, New York, running divorce clinics in the Third Judicial District. She was able to continue supporting these clinics during the pandemic with the Legal Aid Society via Zoom. District legal clinics offer valuable support to clients trying to navigate the instructions, forms, and complex processes involved in obtaining a pro-se divorce. In the case of these purely medical claims, the insurance institution or self-insured employer paying for the medical services has accepted responsibility but refuses the medical treatment requested by the injured worker. These cases typically present a challenge for injured workers seeking legal representation, as no attorney fees are awarded if there is no loss of wages. Katrina Pacey, Criminal Defense Attorney, Pivot Legal Society This opportunity is for attorneys admitted to practice law in New York State. Volunteers are covered by malpractice insurance. Sergio has always maintained a direct connection to his community, which he serves in various volunteer roles. Sergi has dedicated thousands of hours to public service, has been a volunteer baseball coach, mentor, president of a local child welfare organization, volunteer advocate for victims of domestic violence, and a board member of the Bronx County Bar Association and the Naval Services Officers Association. He was appointed to Community Board 7 and 8 in the Bronx. On the Community Council, Sergio has served on and chaired several committees, including those of the Department of Economic Development and Veterans Affairs.

Sergio is also an honorary board member of the Puerto Rican Bar Association, an officer of the Bronx County Bar Association, attorney general of the Naval Services Officers Association, and a member of several other professional and service organizations. She worked most of 2020 as part of her work with the University at Buffalo School of Law`s Civil Justice Access Clinic as a volunteer in the Volunteer Lawyers Project`s Family Court Helpdesk. Kaitlyn spent the summer working in the Volunteer Lawyers Project`s Positive Families and Individuals Unit, serving clients directly affected by HIV/AIDS in employment, housing disputes, estate planning and gender name changes. Kaitlyn has worked nearly 400 hours with hundreds of clients in upstate New York over the past year. After graduating from John F. Kennedy HS in the Bronx, Sergio joined the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve, where he retired after more than 32 years of service with the rank of commander. During his time in the Coast Guard, Sergio held military, legal, and law enforcement positions. Sergio has received awards for his service in numerous peacekeeping missions and served as a reservist during the Gulf War, activated on September 11, 2001, and during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010.

When she became a paralegal at LawNY in 2006, Kelly began working closely with attorney David Pels on domestic violence and public authority cases. They worked together as a team to change the lives of clients who often find themselves in desperate situations. Their trauma-informed representation model for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault is still used by the Family Violence Team. Kelly is often the first point of contact when a client is referred to LawNY, and from there, she continues to build the relationship through ongoing security planning, court coaching, and regular check-ins just to see how the client is doing. Kelly also attends case strategy meetings and client meetings, writes briefs and correspondence, and provides any other assistance required by lawyers and clients. Please complete the form below if you are not currently represented by an attorney (or licensed representative) and have received notice that an application for permission for a medical procedure or treatment has been denied and would like to seek legal assistance to navigate through the following steps: Central New York Volunteer Lawyers Project The Defence Program Against Evictions supports tenants who are facing the loss of their homes due to eviction. Every year, we represent 800 to 1200 tenants before the courts. This can only be achieved with the help of a wonderful and talented group of volunteer lawyers and our incredible members of the housing team, Luz Marina Zender and Tre`Coy Boyd. The program was started by the wonderful Deborah O`Shea when VLP was at the Onondaga County Bar Association. She recruited local law firms to provide pro bono court counsel for these important but summary proceedings. PWJC`s mission is to pursue justice for victims and prevent abuse through quality legal services, community partnerships, education and awareness. PWJC provides direct legal representation to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse, training, community building and outreach, service coordination and referral.

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