18. A mutual friend called to my attention she was into me (I was oblivious)

//18. A mutual friend called to my attention she was into me (I was oblivious)

18. A mutual friend called to my attention she was into me (I was oblivious)

18. A mutual friend called to my attention she was into me (I was oblivious)

“Girl I worked with found out I would be having Christmas by myself as my family lived out of state and I couldn’t get enough time off work. We didn’t really know each other very well but she invited me to her house for Christmas. We hit it off and two months later we were dating. 11 years later and 8 years of marriage we are still going strong. I do feel bad for her boyfriend though. She dumped him the day before we started dating.”

“After 4 years of no dating following a crushing breakup, a mutual friend called to my attention she was into me (I was oblivious). I didn’t know her very well, but I was ready to ‘try again.’ I wasn’t even sure I was very attracted to her but I figured it couldn’t hurt to go out on a date with a nice girl.

We hit it off, she’s pretty shy, which is why she said she’d never had had the courage to try to talk to me. In the course of the first date I’m slowly realizing ‘She’s amazing!’

19. We met at the hospital while both of us were detoxing.

“After months of spending less than 20 minutes sober drove myself to a hospital for detox. Finally got up to the unit at about 1:00 am where I proceeded to be given a bunch of drugs to help me sleep and reduce the chances of a seizure. Woke up the next day for breakfast in my scrubs highly confused and there https://datingreviewer.net/mature-women-hookup/ she was. She had been in detox a full day before me and this one allowed you to bring your own clothes and shit so she was dressed in her sweats.

For some odd ass reason she saw me, barely aware, unshowered for two-three months, and thought he looks hot. Proceeded to spend the next 7 days in a locked unit only talking. After which we both went to our separate treatments (detox was combined detox and counseling that specialized in getting people into treatment directly from the hospital). Only contact we had from then on was about 20 minutes total of phone time but we wrote letters to each other every day. It’s been almost 9 months now and we had very dark parts of our relationship where we both relapsed but now we are both over 3 months sober, focus on our individual recovery first. I couldn’t be happier I finally found my best friend who loves me for who I am and has helped me grow in so many areas. I know nobody is going to really read this but I want someone to see it so thank you to whoever does.”

20. She took the wine glass out of my hand, put it down, and leaned in for a kiss.

“She came over to me in a coffee shop while she was on vacation in my country, to ask how to tip. We had a two-hour conversation, and then an amazing five-hour lunch two days later.

She complained about her hostel and I offered her my spare bedroom. She accepted. Nothing happened although it seems crystal-clear in retrospect that we were falling for each other (duh). I didn’t want to be douchey and make her feel uncomfortable under my roof, so putting the moves on her was not something I seriously considered.

Two nights later, I had to be gone for most of the night, on a work assignment, and I asked if she would please watch and walk my dog in my absence. I came home at 5 a.m. and was greeted by my suddenly very soft, very fluffy dog. She had somehow understood “Will you please wash my dog,” and apparently didn’t find that a strange request at all.

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