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Siddhraj Greens

Siddhraj Greens is a secure and integrated residential community of artistically designed bungalows amid manicured greenery. The eco-friendly environment and family-oriented amenities of this development make it one of the most desirable residential addresses in the city.

Total Units:- 43
Locations:- Siddhraj Greens, Beside Urja Nagar, Near Water Tank (Chharedi), Pethapur Road, Pethapur, Gandhinagar

Specifications —

  • Walls:Internal smooth plaster with putti finish and external double coat plaster with premium quality paint.
  • Flooring:Mirror polished vitrified tiles of size 2′ x 2′ on ground floor and porceleno tiles on upper floors.
    ceramic ties in marginal spaces.
  • Toilets:Elegantly designed toilets with designer tiles upto lintel level, with standard CP fittings and good quality sanitary ware.
  • Doors n Windows:All doors are flush doors. Main door is laminated rest all enamel painted.
    Fully glazed alurninum and wooden windows with safety bars.
  • Electrification:Concealed lSl copper wiring and modular switches (Pointer anchor or its equivalent).
  • Kitchen:Green marble platform with SS sink, glaze tiles dado upto lintel level,arrangemnent of water supply and Ele.Point for water purifier and Ele. point provided for chimney above the platform.


Pravinbhai Trivedi

“ગાંધીનગર ખાતે કાયમી વસવાટના આખરી નિર્ણય બાદ એક સારા 'આવાસ' ની શોધ માં 2 વર્ષ જેવો સમય વિતાવ્યા બાદ શ્રી ચેતનભાઈ પટેલ નિર્મિત "સિદ્ધરાજ ગ્રીન્સ" આવાસ યોજના ના ઝીણવટભર્યા અભ્યાસ બાદ યોજનામાં સહભાગી થવાનો અવસર મળ્યો એક પ્રાકૃતિક વાતાવરણ ના સાનિધ્યમાં આકાર લઇ રહેલ યોજના માં 3 બેડરૂમ હોલ કિચન ફોયર નો સમાવેશ કરવામાં આવેલ છે. સુદ્રઢ બાંધકામ, વ્યવસ્થિત પ્લાનિંગ,બાંધકામ પણ સ્ટાન્ડર્ડ, આંતરિક પહોળા રસ્તાઓ,પાર્કિંગ વ્યવસ્થા,ધાર્મિક સામાજિક નાના પ્રસંગો ઉજવા માટેની વ્યવસ્થા,દરેક બ્લોક માં ગાર્ડન તેમજ જનરલ ગાર્ડન પણ ખરો જ. યોજના ના મુખ્ય સૂત્રધાર શ્રી ચેતનભાઈ પટેલ નો ખુબજ સરળ સ્વભાવ,લાગણી વિનય વિવેકસભરનું વર્તન,તટસ્થ વાચા સદાય મોં પાર સ્મિત, આ બધા જ ગુણોને લઇ ને તેમને ફરી ફરી મળવાનું મન થાય...”

Shri Pravinbhai Trivedi

Bharatbhai Patel

“I feel proud to be owner of bungalow no.10,of Siddhraj Greens society, which is very well constructed in the latest designs, luxurious and spacious. The company never compromise with the quality whether it its construction materials or electric materials. The company gives us the best compensation of our money. The chairman of the company Mr.Chetan Patel is very co-operative and well matured. He gives the full support to the members of the society till today even after handed-over the society to the members of the society. He always gives the privilege to the members of the society and invites the member of the society in all functions organized by company.”.

Shri Bharatbhai Patel

Jyotikaben Gotecha

“I have been living in this society since 9 years and I must tell you how good society it is! The bunglows are quite big and well laid out. The quality of all the bunglows is great. The society is well situated so it is easy to transport anywhere. I must tell you that at this time Siddhraj is one of the best builder in Gandhinagar itself. In Gandhinagar. Siddhraj is one of the great infrastructure company and I am greatful to have such a house of my own.”

Smt Jyotikaben Gotecha

Paresh S.Bhatt

“We are happy and thankful to you for give us so beautiful home.Its not just a building,its home and true value of money.We feel proud to be Siddhraj groups member.”

Shri Paresh Bhatt

Nareshkumar Thakkar

“I am from Siddhraj Greens society and we have been living here for about more than 10 years. And it’s been great experience through the years of living here.The construction of our houses are pretty good, never got any complaints related to damage in our society. It also has good facilities of parking and a beautiful garden. So, as far we are satisfied with Siddhraj Infrastructures.

Shri Nareshkumar Thakkar


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