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Senior Counsel (Conferment and Privileges) Rules

/Senior Counsel (Conferment and Privileges) Rules

Senior Counsel (Conferment and Privileges) Rules

(b) if senior counsel is a member of the same firm as the lawyer on file, the senior counsel is awarded the fees that would have been permitted in the case of a lawyer who is not a member of that firm; and (5) A market intermediary shall not appoint a shareholder who owns more than twenty-five per cent of the shares of a market intermediary as executive director of the market intermediary or to a senior management position in the market intermediary. “lecturer” means a member of the staff of the University College who, in connection with that appointment, is a professor, associate professor, lecturer, lecturer, lecturer or tutor, or any person occupying another teaching position recognized by the Council as a position of academic status at the University College; “They have the prestige of appearing in court dressed, wearing a dress and a court-sleeved vest, similar to the judges of the Court of Appeal,” the rules read. (b) is not affiliated with an adviser, adviser of the market intermediary or a member of the senior management of the market intermediary, a significant client or supplier of the market intermediary, or a not-for-profit entity receiving significant contributions from the market intermediary; or has not had a business relationship with the market intermediary (other than the AIFM) during the last five years for which the market intermediary was required to provide information; The title of Senior Counsel or State Counsel (post-nominal letters: SC) is awarded to a senior lawyer in certain countries that were formerly part of the British Empire. “Senior Counsel” is used in current or former Commonwealth countries or jurisdictions that have chosen to change the title of “Queen`s Counsel” to a name without monarchical connotations, usually referring to the British monarch who is no longer head of state, so a reference to the Queen is no longer appropriate. Countries that have made this change for the latter reason include Mauritius, Zambia, India, Hong Kong, Ireland, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Singapore, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. Among the jurisdictions that retained the monarch as head of state, but nevertheless opted for the new title, were some states and territories in Australia, as well as Belize. [1] Counsel to the Queen of England or other senior counsel from other jurisdictions do not take precedence when generally permitted in Hong Kong. However, a visit by a Queen`s Counsel from another approved jurisdiction for a particular matter is eligible for the use of the title of Senior Counsel for the purposes of this proceeding and for Senior Counsel status. [9] In the United Kingdom, the position of senior (lowercase) counsel is used to designate an experienced lawyer (who does not need to be a lawyer) who is not on the path to a partnership. This position is therefore analogous to the American title of counsel and is not directly comparable to the position of Queen`s Counsel/Senior Counsel held by Barristers. Transition.56.

Unless otherwise ordered by the Court, these Rules shall apply, with all necessary modifications, to any proceedings before the Court of Appeal under section 21(2) of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution. (a) if the senior counsel is not a member of the same registry as the lawyer in the file, the senior counsel shall be awarded such fees as are paid to the counsel, including fees for participation in the court, or as much as the tax officer considers appropriate; Just as a junior lawyer is “appointed to the [external] bar”, in some jurisdictions, a senior lawyer is referred to as “admitted to the inner bar”. Senior lawyers may call themselves informally, like their British counterparts. This is the case in Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa. The Irish Free State was established in December 1922 as a dominion within the British Commonwealth of Nations.

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