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Saldo Saude Nota Legal Df

How? Access to the restricted area of the website and indication of the bank account for receipt. The specified bank account must be maintained by the borrower. On Tuesday (5) begins the redemption period of the credits of the Legal Notice in cash. Program members who wish to make a deposit must provide their bank details through Note Legal`s website by July 31. To receive the deposit, the participant must have at least a credit of R$ 25 in the program and have no outstanding debts to the income of the Federal District. With the legal notice, taxpayers will receive credits in return if they register the CPF on the invoice. These credits can be used for tax relief in January and for cash refund in July. Even those with assets registered in the Federal District can receive cash credits. Available credits are those generated by February 2022 and valid for two years. The Legal Note Awards buyout period begins on Tuesday (5.7.). For those who wish to withdraw the service, it is necessary to provide their bank details on the program website by July 31.

Only participants who have at least 25 R$ credits in the program and have no debt to the Federal District income will receive cash deposits. Draw On May 27, 2019, The Legal Note will draw R$3 million for local consumers. The lottery participated in the program until March 31, 2019, which had no debt to the government and declared the CPF when purchasing products and services in the facilities of the Federal District between May 1 and October 31, 2018. 12,600 tickets were drawn. The list of all tickets entered in the draw will be published in the Official Gazette of the Federal District and on before 11 June. According to the rules of the Legal Note program, the deposit of funds into the bank account – current account or savings account – takes place within 60 days after June 30. To do this, the consumer must access the and communicate in his protected area in which bank and on which account the credit wishes to receive. 1st prize – R$ 500,000 Purchase value: R$ 80.72 Place of purchase: Vila Nova district, São Sebastião Commercial entity: Union Supermarkets Date of purchase: 8/06/2018 The company registers the consumer`s cpf/CNPJ and issues the invoice or tax coupon, with the information transmitted to the Ministry of Finance the following month. Period of validity of credits Two years from the date of secondment under the supervision of the programme.

At the end of this period, the credit will be reversed and returned to the State Treasury of the Federal District. Those who owe the income can regularize the debt by the end of July and then apply for loans. But beware: there is a timely downtime in the system, and it is stated that the payment will be made before the 27th. Indication of the bank account to receive the credits of the Legal Health Note and the Traditional Legal Note Deadline: from June 1st to June 30th of each year; The credit can be used within two years to reduce the value of the launch of the IPVA or IPTU. Legal notice The legal notice was introduced in the Federal District with the publication of Law No. 4.159 of 13 June 2008. This is a loan program created with the aim of encouraging consumers to require the tax document when purchasing goods and services. The aim is to contribute to the fight against tax evasion and to provide the government with essential information for regular tax collection. Those who are indebted to the tax office of the Federal District can regularize their debts by the end of July in order to be able to apply for loans, noting that the payment will be made before the 27th to be in time for the reduction of the system. The Ministry of Economy recommends that they do not leave at the last minute, because if the debt is still in the system, it is not possible to request the deposit.

With each purchase from a participating company, the consumer informs his CPF or CNPJ and asks for his tax note or coupon. With the alternative of combining the credits of the legal health note (which is used when purchasing medicines) and the traditional legal note, more consumers can receive the deposit amounts. Indeed, the current minimum amount for the bank statement is $25. The Legal Health Note came into effect on January 1, 2018. However, as this is an election year, the loans were not distributed due to electoral restrictions. This will be the first distribution of funds related to the program. Another innovation in the settlement is the possibility for owners of vehicles or real estate to provide a bank account to receive the amounts. This change is possible thanks to the amendment made to § 6 of Article 5 of Law 4.159 of 13 June 2018. Previously, IPTU and IPVA taxpayers could only refund the amount of these taxes. You can now choose whether you want to receive the discount or the amount of credit in your bank account.

Participants can specify savings or chequing accounts, including digital accounts that have been added as an option now. Labor costs are not allowed. The referral procedure takes place in the restricted area of the website, with exclusive access by cpf and registered password. DATA ON EXPENSES FOR PREVIOUS YEARS The Ministry of Economy (Seec) recommends that Brasilienses do not leave at the last minute, because if the debt is still in the system, it will not be possible to demand the deposit. Who can nominate a candidate? All program participants who have unexpired credits and have no debt to the government The new terms and conditions allow consumers to redeem credits when purchasing medications. The measure will come into force on January 1, 2018. The benefit means the return of R$24 million in the first year of the program, for those who buy drugs, especially for the elderly population who use more drugs. The Minister of Finance, Planning, Budget and Management, André Clemente, stresses that the unification of the deadlines for the indication of the two loans is part of a series of measures aimed at reviving the program of legal notes. The other measures, which pursue the same objective, are being adapted and studied in the technical areas of the Ministry of Finance. The Economic Secretariat (Seec) must make payment to participants within 45 days of the nomination deadline.

Last year, 96,000 removals were made, resulting in a payment of R$17.1 million. The legal notice has 1.4 million registered consumers. More than 60,000 consumers signed up for the program last year. Consumers in the Federal District who have credits in the Legal Health Note program and the traditional Legal Note program can provide the bank account to receive the amounts from next Saturday (1/06). The deadline to complete the procedure is 30 June. Decree No. 181, which sets out the procedures for receiving the amounts, was published on Wednesday in the Official Gazette of the Federal District (29).

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