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Robot Trading Legal Ojk

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Robot Trading Legal Ojk

The reason for this is that OJK has never issued a binary options license or trading robots. Commodity futures trading products are regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti). Fahrenheit offers an autopilot dealership that allows traders or consumers to trade without having to pay attention to the market and news, as written on its website. The ban is due to the fact that, according to the government, the Fahrenheit platform is included in the ranks of illegal commodity futures. The Net89 trading robot fraud case continues after the Financial Transactions Reporting and Analysis Center (PPATK) tracked the turnover on the account of Reza Paten, suspected of being the founder of the Net89 Podosugi Group. The head of the PPATK center, Ivan Yustiavandana, revealed that his institution had found a turnover of up to 1 trillion rupees from 150 Reza sponsor accounts. Do you invest in trading? Nowadays, you no longer need to monitor stocks often, as there are already trading robots that help you monitor and execute stock trades. So which trading robots are registered with the OJK? – Third principle: make provision on rules regarding criteria for developers of commercial robots, for example, have legality issued by the Indonesian official authority. Not only that, so that users are not easily lied to, the manager of the trading robot must also offer training on the trading system.

Starting by providing regular updates to algorithms, providing post-trade services, promising consistent profits. – Second principle: there must be a legal requirement in the form of certain predefined requirements for ignition robots. For example, the transparency of the algorithm, then the variables that can be entered according to the wishes of the clients without error, and the most important thing is that trading robots are developed by companies that have legality and integrity. According to Vishnu, binary options are online gambling activities under the guise of commodity futures (PBK) trading. The use of binary options in circulation today has no legality in Indonesia. In the event of a dispute between the client and the provider, Bappebti as a regulatory authority in the field of futures trading cannot assist the client in mediation. Bappebti also blocked 336 trading robots. From Net89/SmartX, Auto Trade Gold, Viral Blast, Raibot Look, DNA Pro, EA 50, Sparta, Fin888, Fsp Akademi Pro and other similar companies. According to Tirta, there are also three aspects of the approach related to the use of commercial robots in Indonesia in this regulation. Legal It intends to verify the licensing of legal entities and the activities of the trading robot. So, if the trading robot does not have a license, the public should not invest in it. “If people want to invest or get investment offers with high returns to be able to check 2L, it`s legal and logical,” he said contacted by Tempo on Sunday, November 6, 2022.

If the traders are registered with Bappebti and OJK, it is legal. On the contrary, Tirta said the service is illegal if it is not on the list of both institutions. Octa Investama Berjangka, which is already licensed by Bappebti, is a trading robot that can be used safely because the funds you plant or invest in are legally protected by the government. According to data uploaded to the Financial Services Authority (OJK) website, there are 11 trading robot platforms so far identified as illegal investments, including Fahrenheit. Call it as the case of DNA Pro, BinomoRobot and others who have suffered many losses and also losses. Why is this happening? One of the reasons is that Indonesians do not fully understand this type of investment or have no knowledge of trading robots. – First principle: Understand that the trading robot used in PBK activities is a trading robot or tool used as an investment tool for clients. In the meantime, this trading robot should be used on licensed futures brokers, and not for illegal activities under the guise of investing. In addition, legal economic actors using trading robots must be monitored and evaluated. “Essentially, these trading robots will all be illegal when used for commodity futures or securities/stock trading activities, as they need to get permission from Bappebti or OJK,” Tirta told CNBC Indonesia. To know the legal trading robot, it must have been registered and authorized by BAPPEBTI.

In addition, the existence of a legal trading robot can certainly also offer benefits to users, so it is important for Indonesia to have official regulations in this matter. As is already known, the official trading robot is a trading robot that already holds a license from Bappebti. The status is therefore legal and certainly safer to invest. So don`t try to use a trading robot that is not yet licensed! The public is advised to be wary of binary options operators or trading robots that claim to hold OJK licenses. Because the permit is confirmed as falsified. TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Tongam Lumban Tobing, Head of the Financial Services Industry Investigations Division of the Financial Services Authority (YOJ), has responded to cases of fraudulent investments in the Net89 trading robot. He made two suggestions before people decided to invest. One of them is by the legality of the license of the organizer of the trading robot. As there have been many cases of fraud, these legal trading robots offer the maximum level of security of all transactions. Since all Maxco Futures transactions are under legal protection, you don`t have to worry about fraud! Why do many traders (people who trade) use trading robots? Indeed, trading robots have various advantages. Here are the benefits of robot trading that you need to be aware of.

In addition to binary options, Bappebti also highlights Forex investment offers under the guise of selling trading robots. The practice is carried out to the community, with the promise of constant profits and profit sharing with trading robot sellers. For information, Bappebti Ministry of Trade continues to strive to eliminate illegal futures trading practices as well as harmful practices in the name of online trading, binary options. Before talking about trading robots registered with the OJK, should you first know what a trading robot is? Out of the thousands of websites, 92 binary options domains are blocked, such as Binomo, IQ Option, Olymptrade, Quotex, and other similar platforms. Bappebti also blocked 336 trading robots such as Net89/SmartX, Auto Trade Gold, Viral Blast, Raibot Look, DNA Pro, EA 50, Sparta, Fin888, Fsp Akademi Pro as well as other similar companies. Head of Bappebti`s Market Development and Development Office Tirta Karma Senjaya said trading activities in commodity futures or securities should be allowed. This comes from Bappebti or the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Not only in appealing, Tirta also explained that there are still many cases that have not been discovered because there are currently still many cases like illegal PT-PT that are “thugs” because they do not take permits first. – The Ministry of Commerce (MOHA) has blocked 1,222 websites for trading illegal commodity futures and gambling under the guise of trading.

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