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Sandfield is a legal payments financier formed a year ago and Mr. Hodgkinson was co-founder and non-executive chairman. He said: “Mr Hodgkinson owns 75% of the club`s shares through PURE Sports Consultancy. This company is not part of this action and, as such, is not legally affected. This is the second Liverpool-based legal deal to be reached in a week after personal injury firm Hampson Hughes went bankrupt last week. A receiver of Leonard Curtis was appointed to transfer the files to Recovery First. PURE – founded and owned by entrepreneur Phil Hodgkinson – is a collection of law firms and others that handle more than 12,000 new investigations each year in high-volume areas of consumer disputes. All content in is accessed and used at your own risk, and we do not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information. He stressed that he was not involved in operations, including funding decisions, and stressed that Sandfield supporters should also sign up for PURE`s support.

They are: Asclevere Business Management Consultants, PURE Technology Systems, PURE Reporting Services, PURE Claims, PURE Legal, PURE Claims Support Services, Connect Costs and PURE Costs Budgets. Also in August, a Supreme Court decision on a low-value data breach lawsuit handled by PURE called into question the long-term viability of the practice. He later admitted that it was wrong to sell a business he had built over 13 years to the struggling PLC. PURE Legal, a law firm, and PURE Advocacy and Litigation, a bar association, are alternative business structures. The latest financial statements filed for PURE Legal for the financial year ended 31 March 2020 recorded a profit of £3.3 million on a turnover of £18 million. The news led Huddersfield Town to issue a statement assuring fans that the club was not affected by what happened at PURE. “Administrators work with the remaining employees to manage operations and support the laid-off employees,” Kroll said. After exiting the crime market earlier this year by selling Pryer Solicitors — because the increasing prevalence of fixed fees made it much less economical — the group took action for people with six types of claims: careless wall insulation, erroneous mortgage sales, undisclosed commissions, mortgage miscalculations, home confiscation, and data breaches.

Mr Hodgkinson made a name for himself by setting up Compass Costs Consulting, which he sold to Quindell in April 2013 for £14 million and became Managing Director of Quindell Legal Services. Rob Armstrong, Michael Lennon and James Saunders of Kroll Advisory were appointed co-directors yesterday and eight group companies ceased operations. PURE`s model focused on non-recourse loans under consumer credit law to customers insured by a panel of A-rated insurers and reinsurers. “Our board is keen to assure Town fans that the club is able to meet its short-, medium- and long-term financial obligations. Our daily activities are not affected. The group`s head of human resources, Tina Flanagan, who called PURE one of the best companies it has ever worked for, wrote on LinkedIn that it was “forced into administration today and we were all laid off.” Together, the companies employed 256 people and operated from sites in Liverpool and Prescot in Merseyside, and their closure resulted in 203 redundancies. Are you that lawyer? Contact us to take control of your listing or request changes to your information The files were transferred to other law firms with the help of Recovery First, a company that specializes in maintaining work in progress when transferring work for companies that leave or leave the company. Fill out the form below to be notified of any new notices or responses that have been added for this lawyer.

This website uses Akismet to reduce spam. Find out how your comment data is handled. Horrible AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! I contacted a company called TRUSTEDCAVITYCLAIMS.COM because I had problems stemming from the insulation of my cavity wall. I was told that an average claim was £28,000 and that the damage would also be repaired free of charge. I was also told that the claim would take 3 to 6 months. They forwarded me to PURE LEGAL LTD. Fast forward 2 years and 7 months and it was nothing but stress. Constant lies, delays and it costs thousands of dollars. I`m stuck in a contract with them and haven`t been able to sell my house in the last year and a half. This contributed to my divorce, financial difficulties, and 2 years of sleepless nights and stress. I wrote them formal complaints and they told me that if I wanted to drop the case, I would be left with the £6000 bill. They lasted 2 years and 7 months and have not yet initiated any legal proceedings.

This service is terrible!!!!!! If someone reading this is in the same boat or can help me in any way. Contact me on Thank you and please avoid this company !!!!!! I filed a data breach claim with my online savings account. I started the claim on their website and I can say this company was excellent, they didn`t bombard me with phone calls or emails. They have fixed everything, I know there are bad reviews, but it seems that they have sorted things out. The forms filled out on the mortgage collection site then heard nothing, because absolutely ridiculous He also said he wanted to recruit 100 more people, and last week he announced new jobs via LinkedIn and published the upcoming launch of a cost law academy. Withdrew the claim 3 years ago. Pure Legal did nothing but pull its heels. Now they tell me that it is past the date of the claim since they have not really seized it yet. What a joke!!! I have asked myself several times questions that I answered 3 years ago.

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