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Primacy Legal Term

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Primacy Legal Term

This influence of the need for cognition is supported by a study by Huagtvedt and Petty (1992). The experimenters played a message for two groups of people, one group with high cognitive needs and one group with low cognitive needs. Both groups were determined by their own need for cognition and were not manipulated experimentally in either group. Initially, both groups were equally convinced of the message. However, both groups then listened to a weak counter-message that was not as strong as the evidence of the original message. The group, which had a high cognitive need, was not convinced by the weak counter-message, and their opinions were still consistent with the original message. The other group, the group with low cognitive needs, was convinced of the new message. The high cognition requirement showed a primacy effect, while the low cognition requirement showed a velocity effect. [8] A study by Lana (1961) shows a moderating effect of the familiarity of the information presented on the order of effects. The study used a subject of low initial familiarity. Then, the researchers gave a long presentation to familiarize one group with the topic, and a short presentation with another group to get little familiarity with the topic. A third group was then presented without an introductory interview. Each of these three groups was then divided into two subgroups, which, twelve days later, listened to arguments for and against the topic.

One subgroup would hear the argument for the topic first, then the argument against the topic, and the second subgroup would hear the argument against the topic first. These groups then completed a questionnaire on the Likert scale about their opinions on the topic. The results show that prior familiarization with a subject increases the likelihood of a primacy effect. Therefore, those in the long induction group had an opinion on the subject that was consistent with the argument they had first heard, regardless of the actual attitude. However, no prior training has been able to prove a topical effect. As a result, the group that did not receive an introductory interview expressed opinions consistent with the argument that was presented to them last. [10] A study by Lana (1963) shows that the controversy of the subject can have a moderating effect on order effects. Middle and high school students read arguments for and against a controversial topic and a non-controversial topic, and then were asked to fill out an opinion questionnaire on the topics. For students, the controversial topic showed a primacy effect.

The students showed no order effect for a non-controversial topic. Students were more convinced of the argument they had first encountered for a controversial topic, but were not influenced by the order in which arguments were presented for non-controversial topics. For high school students, however, no order effect was shown for controversial or non-controversial topics. Therefore, the controversy of a topic seems to influence the role that order effects play for certain age groups in persuasion. [11] Like other doctrines, primacy has evolved considerably over the centuries. Finally, the role of bishops vis-à-vis the Pope has been clarified in the Second Vatican Council`s teaching on collegiality. Despite these developments, the fundamentals of primacy have not changed. In short, the Pope has full and supreme jurisdiction over the whole Church and every member of the Church, not only in matters of faith and morals, but also in the discipline of the Church and in the government of the Church.

(Latin etym. primus, mainly primary.) The rule amends the regulations in Part 142 of 40 CFR, which sets out the requirements and process for states to obtain and/or maintain primary enforcement authority (primacy) for the Public Water System Oversight Program (PWSS). The rule also adds the expanded definition of “public water system” (PWS) as well as several other definitions in 40 CFR parts 141 and 142.

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