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Ai Que Legal Eu Sou Flamengo

/Ai Que Legal Eu Sou Flamengo

Ai Que Legal Eu Sou Flamengo

“I`m a little bored with these things, it wasn`t cool. I found it very unethical because he sees that Paulo Sousa is not very cool at Flamengo and he makes such a statement that he is the champion he was. For me, he`s always a good coach and here we don`t discuss that, but the episode he did because people are confused. Now what he did to his teammate is not done,” Muricy said in an interview with former player Denílson`s podcast. He (Jorge Jesus) was hellishly unhappy and gave a deadline. We saw Paulo Sousa on the bench and then you see in the press conference that he was downstairs. Famous for even “cheating,” he may be the best in the world, but it wasn`t legal and unethical at all — Ramalho said. Okay, Murici, but this Paulo Sousa there fucks the Flemings. They have lost two titles, losing to Fluminense, Botafogo and Atlético Paranaense, who are currently not at the top of their football. If we catch those who are on liberation, we will take incredible roads, believe me. The emergency room does not treat anything that is a sparrow. JJ was Flamengo`s best coach at all times and is now a fanatical Flamengo fan. I guarantee you that he spoke like a fanatical fan who is for Mengão because he suffers with us from the incompetence of the current coach.

We are 40 million fans who are upset in life, and JJ as a fan has added to us. I admire Murici, but in this case, the situation did not go well and missed a great opportunity to remain silent and become a poet, as they say in Brasilia. In the race he kills me abuse of me, I catch that an emopic in the heartOn the consecrated lawnAlthough loved, the most citedNo “Fla-Flu é o Ai, Jesus”I would have a deep sorrowssesi Flamengo would miss me in the worldIt vibrates, it is© fiberViel pound already weighedFlamengo until© I am Jorgetes are more fans of Portuga than real flamengo, it is unacceptable. JJ joined the worst of the old press and the guy who broke Flamengo when he was president, who hired nearly 150 people in his government and is crazy about wanting to return to power, and that won`t measure efforts to overthrow those who came before him. Jorge Jesus said in his speech that he won and that the players lost just to see the statement he made to blame Gerson, Everton Ribeiro and Gabigol for the defeat against Liverpool, but he does not blame himself for not sparing the players in Brasileirão`s latest push and coming with the team, who is tired of the world`s conflicts. I wonder if a coach with a Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City or another club would do what JJ did against Flamengo with this unethical attitude. Once FlamengoSempre FlamengoFlamengo always I will be my greatest joyI will shineSei on the landSei in the seaWine, win, winOnce FlamengoFlamengo until© you die Lyrics © editor and music importer Fermata do Brasil Ltda. Former coach Muricy Ramalho, currently São Paulo`s football coordinator, published the verb in reference to Jorge Jesus` position to clearly express the desire to return to Flamengo.

The São Paulo manager called the Portuguese coach`s speech, revealed by journalist Renato Maurício Prado, “unethical” and also commented on Paulo Sousa`s current moment at Rubro-Negro. Outside technical/technical, incompetent, stubborn Many people who have nothing to do with flamengo giving Piteco. These controversies are also caused by delicate, clumsy and unprofessional management. For the 2019 clashes, Brazilian coaches will never praise jj. However, personally, I did not find it pleasant that Mister left after the renovation. All you had to do was not renew. But this is a thing of the past. For me, this controversy tries to hide the current problems that concern me. Amateurbrett, relying only on expensive Europeans who deliver nothing on the ground, technicians without return and without denigration and the LANDIM administration, instead of assuming their responsibilities, prefers to get on the bored boat of the schoolgirls. This whole class is more interested in their own interests than in the management of the club. Here`s the thing! The sad thing is that we are wasting millions for nothing.

Given the current financial vitality, this management offers a unique opportunity to win everything and everyone. The former coach criticized the character of the Portuguese, close to Fenerbahçe (TUR) The episode featuring Jorge Jesus motivated Paulo Sousa`s manager to publish a note in which the agent inflames the attitude of the compatriot. Jose Mourinho has even contacted the current Flamengo commander to lend his support and show his dissatisfaction with the former Benfica. In the following excerpt, the coordinator of São Paulo Denílson also stated that Paulo Sousa was “depressed” after the effects of Jesus` speech. Recall that the former Flamengo coach revealed during a dinner with UOL journalist and former president Red-Black Glue Leite that he would expect a proposal from the club by the 20th of this month. And obviously, the statement has become bad among professional footballers. Jorge Jesus has been unemployed since he left the Portuguese Club in December last year. After a vacation in Rio de Janeiro, he returned to Portugal last weekend. The team that comes closest to Mister is Fenerbahçe (TUR), who met the coach in April.

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