It’s good to know that there are Godly women who are not ashamed of the blessing of marital sexual love

//It’s good to know that there are Godly women who are not ashamed of the blessing of marital sexual love

It’s good to know that there are Godly women who are not ashamed of the blessing of marital sexual love

It’s good to know that there are Godly women who are not ashamed of the blessing of marital sexual love

I must admit there were times that I felt concerned about our love making and explorations and how they fit into our Christian lives

How did we get started? We were chatting one day about blogging and then got to chatting about writing a blog for Christian women about sex and then the more we talked about it, the more we liked the idea. We decided to go for it and are so blessed to hear from women like yourself who are finding greater freedom and using the ideas in our blog to propel them deeper into who God created them to be!

Wow! My hubby of 10+ years found this site and showed it to me. I’m so glad he did! I’m already confident that this site, and your candor will help me in my very own “freedom of expression”!

I have to agree with some of the other ladies. Thank you for this ministry. We wanted to keep Godly principles in our marriage and it felt wrong to look anything up to help until we found the site. Thanks for helping us not to feel quite so uncomfortable in learning more.

I’ve had my own set of abusive and difficult relationships, but it is by God’s grace and my relationship with Christ that I can now live a life of godliness

How exciting it is to find passionate Christian women! My husband and I have been married for 4 months. I have struggled with pain during intercourse (maybe a touch of vaginismus?) on and off during that time. I am multi-orgasmic and that’s a blessing, but I can only orgasm during manual stimulation. I really want to be wild about sex, but sometimes I’m afraid because sometimes it hurts… other times it’s just bland because it’s not stimulating to me. As you can tell, I have a long way to go, although I know I’m on the way there. I’m looking forward to the encouragement and help that your site is going to be (and has already been during my week of following your posts). Thank you girls SO much for “teaching the younger women to love their husbands”. May our Father bless you and reward you for your service!

Hey Girls, Married for just over 20 years, I can appreciate the endless blessings that a healthy, spicy, satisfying, sex life can bring to a marriage. Fortunately, with a little digging I was soon relieved. I share your opinions and am pleased to see that you are affecting Christian women in such a positive way. What an awesome ministry. Being involved closely in a ministry, I see that you have created a “meet them where they are” invironment, that will surely educate, fulfill and ultimately save marriages. Hugs and Blessings! Fanny

I found your site a few weeks back and think it’s wonderful. My husband and I have only been married 2 years. We were both in very difficult marital situations previously. God took my husband’s first wife home – he had a very difficult marriage and was treated poorly by his wife up until the end sadly. I believe this includes a deep and intimate relationship with my spouse. Since we have been married we’ve realized that we are a little bit on the “crazy” side, but finding sites like this confirms we are not the only ones! We have learned so much from one another and have been able to express ourselves sexually in ways we believe 1) God intended and 2) to fulfill our heart’s desires in a spouse. Recently I had struggled with hormonal changes that really took the fun out of our sex life – my husband is so patient and loving and I felt well cared for during that time. But then once I started to recover and feel better….wow! Last night he came home from a business trip – while I showered, he prepared himself by covering himself in rose petals as a gift for me! When I stepped out of the bathroom he was waiting for me with nothing on by rose petals – whew! I was totally surprised and overwhelmed! Needless to say it was an awesome night and we are thankfully back on track. I have never been so safe, secure and satisfied. He is the man of my dreams! It took me a long time in my life to be this comfortable and free and I know I was misinformed about God’s purpose for sex, but more importantly I know with the Lord’s confirmation in my heart it is His intent for us to enjoy the wonders of our sex life! It can be a challenge for those of us who have suffered abuse or have been treated badly, but through patience, prayer and commitment to our spouse, everyone can have an amazing love life. I am so grateful to God for this! Thank you for your boldness in this website – it’s great!

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