Their name’s offered toward Korean production credit and in the English lyrics for Alter the Business

//Their name’s offered toward Korean production credit and in the English lyrics for Alter the Business

Their name’s offered toward Korean production credit and in the English lyrics for Alter the Business

Their name’s offered toward Korean production credit and in the English lyrics for Alter the Business

Inside the Passing Note: The fresh Songs, Matsuda was a member of work Force, regardless if he or she is perhaps not named in the design.

Adopting the fatalities of the FBI agents, the task Force is provided the possibility whether to stay on the actual situation. Matsuda decides to remain, however, according to him he believes this is their past situation. When Ide expresses his want to exit, Matsuda tells him to go.


Obata explained Matsuda as the “tough to anticipate meaning that difficult to mark.” Obata asserted that Matsuda’s reputation design contains an “average more youthful detective” which Matsuda’s profile got “little book about their have and his awesome measures just weren’t consistent, so i failed to such as for example your. [laughs]” Obata added that he try a good “Matsuda-type” person and that don’t particularly enjoying “my inconsistency” when you look at the Matsuda. Obata revealed Matsuda once the only character who “appears younger” into the Near and you may Mello arch.


analysis to the other task force professionals-excluding their father Soichiro Yagami. In the beginning of the series, Matsuda knew hardly any of White and, even if he had found both of brand new Yagami children in the for the last, the guy merely realized your while the Chief Soichiro Yagami’s child. He becomes nearer to White when Light suits the work push, even however assuming your whenever anybody else begin to suspect your off becoming Kira. His thinking as much as Light is actually playful with respect to things associated with people (Misa Amane otherwise Kiyomi Takada). Yet not, at the meeting with Close at factory, when Light fundamentally admits in order to being Kira, Matsuda shoots your a few times with his weapon. Fundamentally this will be to prevent Light off eliminating people that have some the brand new Passing Note, however it is together with off fury at method for the and therefore Light’s strategies was the cause of loss of his very own dad, which Matsuda acknowledged and checked up to.

Soichiro Yagami is seen by the Matsuda once the a global a great dad figure otherwise advisor and you may Matsuda frequently pertains to him to own information otherwise consults your towards the his second thoughts. Matsuda ‘s the task push representative exactly who reveals the meetmindful search chief new really empathy throughout their voluntary imprisonment and you can corners with him whenever it split up from L for the duration of the research towards the the Yotsuba Group. After the newest show, Matsuda is very frustrated that Light Yagami sees their late father since simply a charity for their new world order.

Ryuzaki feedback Matsuda while the a careless, dimwitted idiot just who impedes the newest Kira research and provide him little credit, even when Matsuda really does work really with Light within the finding that some latest Kira killings was connected to the appeal of Yotsuba Category conglomerate. Throughout the Misa’s “lamest date ever,” Matsuda trips right up a combat anywhere between L and you will White by the telling them one to Misa’s latest increase in popularity might get the girl a region within the a primary movie, to which L statements, “Matsuda’s acting stupid again.” L actually taunts Matsuda when Misa shows exactly how she got Kyosuke Higuchi to admit to as being the Yotsuba Kira, contacting it an excellent “triumph” as compared to Matsuda’s bungled infiltration of the Yotsuba Classification Head office, regardless if his measures narrowed what amount of suspects down seriously to eight, several including Higuchi.

Shuichi Aizawa’s personality is very contrasting to that particular regarding Matsuda’s, tend to ultimately causing amusing upsets in which Aizawa yells within him having “perhaps not getting his employment seriously,” and Matsuda apologizes. Whenever L declares that the Kira Study Class are relocating to an alternate, long lasting Head office, Aizawa declares his devotion to capture Kira, naming these introduce: L, White and you may Soichiro Yagami, however, Matsuda notes that he cannot mention your by name. [9] Even with Aizawa’s frequent issue, Matsuda seems to look up to help you your while the an exceptional and you can imagine your a buddy.

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